Team Level Bonus

Introducing a new bonus for 2019! Synergy WorldWide is giving you extra cash as you hit the important ranks of Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director, or Team Elite. That’s right! Earn anywhere from €1,000 to €8,000 extra when you reach a new Team level rank this year. See below for details.

Qualification Period: January 2019 - June 2019

How to Qualify:
• Reach a new Team level rank.
• Maintain 200 CV in TC1 each month during the promotion, or from the month you activate as a Team Member in 2019.

Bonus amounts:
Team Leader  € 1000
Team Manager  € 2000
Team Director   € 4000
Team Elite   € 8000

Bonuses will be paid with commissions at the end of the promotion period.

Set a goal to earn your Team Level Bonuses this year by building and leading a team of your own. Extra cash is always great, but there’s nothing more rewarding than succeeding along with your team. It’s what Synergy is all about!


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