Introducing Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Spain!

Early bird registration now open

Let the fiesta begin! Summit 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, is promising to be the most memorable Synergy WorldWide event to come to Europe.

CLICK HERE to explore the recently released Summit website. Here, you can find answers to all of your questions about Summit 2014.

Early bird registration starts NOW for the low price of €59.

Take advantage of this early-bird price before the cost of registration increases to €79 on March 1!

At Synergy, we couldn’t be more excited to join our European teams in Barcelona with its captivating art, architecture and history. This enterprising city is the perfect place to celebrate the goals Synergy teams triumph in 2014. Let the magnificence of this ancient city inspire you to move forward in your business with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Summit 2014 will be held in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, a symbol of Barcelona’s contemporary architecture that was designed to feature natural lighting. This striking venue won the National Architecture Prize in 2001 and is home to many high-end events in Spain. At the Palau de Congressos, Synergy attendees will enjoy native Spanish cuisine and entertainment. They will glean from the knowledge of talented Synergy Europe leaders as well as corporate executives. All individuals who rank advanced will receive much-deserved applause for their accomplishments, while those who achieved high rank advancements and new members of the Million Dollar Club will be individually acknowledged and congratulated. Don’t miss the valuable news that will be revealed at this event!

Summit is the most anticipated event of the year, and with good reason. At Synergy, there is nothing more important to us than celebrating rank advancements. Your growth and your business’ growth is the reason Synergy excels. Summit exists for you; plan for Barcelona 2014!


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