New Pearl Executive: Fernando Gatti

Fernando Gatti has big dreams for Synergy and his growing organization. His aim is to make Synergy WorldWide a household name with at least 100 Team Directors and 20 Pearl Executives in his downline within four years. His plans to help dozens of people achieve high rank advancements has little to do with his personal success and everything to do with helping families find total wellness in all aspects of life.

Born in Italy, Fernando and his family immigrated to Switzerland when he was a young boy. There, he went to boarding school and had the opportunity to receive a fine education. Over the course of his life, Fernando has developed a love for golf, cycling, and travel, and is lauded as a phenomenal speaker and trainer.

A retired soccer player and gym owner, Fernando has been involved in network marketing for 27 years, which he says is the ideal industry for him. He appreciates the fact that successful network marketing companies must operate applying these values: respect, loyalty, and honesty. In addition, network marketing creates a space where every individual involved is valued.

“It’s not enough to have good products and an interesting compensation plan,” Fernando said. “The reason success comes when the company and the Team Members have the same priorities. Synergy has a long history of this.”

While the compensation plan isn’t everything, Fernando is excited about Synergy’s unique plan. It’s important that Team Members who are just starting in the business are able to see the fruits of their labors. By allowing individuals with small organizations to earn commissions, Synergy is presenting the pathway to success and establishing stability. Fernando also stresses the importance of creating a solid customer base—about 75 percent of a Team Member’s entire organization—from which loyal Team Members are fostered.

“Synergy has all the features of a company of the future,” Fernando said. “The management cares about the details, the products are great, there is research and development, and the company shows great respect for the sales force.”

But why join Synergy now? Fernando said he has a long-term vision that he believes he can carry out through Synergy WorldWide.

“With Synergy, I found an environment that is simple and familiar,” Fernando said. “And I can assure you that I will do what is needed to make Synergy big.”


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