Elite Honors Clarification

New qualifications for Elite Honors in 2017 were released earlier this month. As a company, we’re excited to see the program continue to help drive and support growth throughout all of Europe.

Recently, there has been a question regarding the activation volume component of the qualifications that we would like to clarify. The qualifications for this program were announced as follows:

Qualification Levels:
The following CV levels represent three levels of qualification that will impact the recognition component of this program. All CV levels are specific to Tracking Center 1 (TC1) and activation volume is no longer a component factored into Elite Honors qualification.

600 CV*
1200 CV*
2400 CV*

*All CV levels above are in addition to your monthly standard qualification levels.

Example: In the United States, the monthly standard qualification is 120 CV. To be Elite Honors qualified, you need to have a minimum of 720 CV for TC1.

The part that reads “… activation volume is no longer a component factored into Elite Honors qualification.” refers to the previous requirement in 2016 to have 200 CV in activation volume to qualify. This does not mean that a new distributor who activates at 600 CV won’t get the volume to count towards the 600CV + standard qualification volume requirement of the 2017 qualification. Personal activation volume will continue to count as personal, TC1 volume.

If you have any questions or need further clarification on this, please contact your local GM or Customer Service.


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