REMINDER: New Inactive Team Member Protocol

This protocol will automatically change a Team Member’s status to Preferred Customer if he or she has not ordered any product within a six month “drop period.”

This new protocol with give Team Members a clear view of who is active and inactive in their organizations. It will help Team Members focus their efforts on those who are building and follow up with others who are not.

Moving forward, the drop periods are as follows:
January 1 (drop day) – June 30
July 1 (drop day) – December 31


January and July (the months following the drop days) will be considered grace periods. This means that Team Members can easily change their status back to Team Member after being transitioned to Preferred Customer by making a simply phone call to Synergy Customer Service.


1. Call Customer Service and request to have your account reactivated.

2. Place a “reactivation” order. (Reactivation orders must have the same amount of CV as a standard qualifying order for your market.)

*We strongly encourage you to reactivate during the grace period to ensure that you get your position back quickly and simply by calling in.


Those who wait until after the grace period to reactivate from Preferred Customer to Team Member will need to submit an official request to Customer Service via email.

If you haven’t placed an order since January 1 and want to remain an active Synergy Team Member, make sure to submit an order before the July 1 drop date! If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service.


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