New Team Manager: Veronica Jagedal

A nutrition counselor and passionate health advocate, Veronica Jagedal of Norway hit Team Leader, she started working more proactively to get to the next level. Just three months later she achieved Team Manager.

"On my way to Team Manager, I discovered more and more the love I have for this business because I get to help other people on their way to success," she said. "I also learned that everything is possible if you just focus on the goal. Everything I have written down on paper has come true."

Though Veronica has always been health conscious, she said the quality of her life changed drastically when she started incorporating Synergy products into her diet. Additionally, she has established customers for life thanks to the quality of Synergy products. The quality of the products alone makes Synergy the ideal business to be a part of.

"When I work with my distributors, I try to meet them where they are and not limit their creativity," Veronica said. "I really want the distributors to find their own strength and quality. I believe every person needs to follow their heart and gut feelings and be themselves."

Veronica believes in each and every Team Member in her organization and wants to make sure everyone enjoys the journey toward their individual goals. She said it’s important to simply have fun because we can’t rewind or get moments of our lives back. With all of this positive energy, Veronica believes her team is strong and everyone should support everyone else, no matter how closely they are linked within an organization.

New opportunities abound for Veronica with the recently launched Trulūm skin care line. The customer demographic is transformed and existing customers have a wider product selection.
As Veronica’s business continues to grow, she looks forward to begin able to live on a big farm where her and her three children can enjoy having their horses close by.

This is just the beginning of what we know will be an exciting future for Veronica with Synergy WorldWide.


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