In 2016, Synergy opened its first European headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. This milestone marked a new page in the history of Synergy Europe and the company’s commitment to Team Members across the continent.

Now, almost two years later, Synergy has officially expanded that office, cutting a new ribbon and opening a space large enough to welcome visitors and support a growing staff. Several leaders and Team Members travelled to participate in the opening event, and to discuss the future of Synergy Europe.

“Having many of our leaders attend the opening of our new office was a great experience,” said Carmelo D’Anzi, Vice President of Synergy Europe. “These are passionate, talented, dedicated men and women who over the years have been instrumental to the growth of our company in Europe. I am confident that this event further improve our success.”

As they met in the new presentation room, the leaders discussed the importance of events, promotions, product-education and web enhancements. They reported on the strengths and challenges currently being experience by the people of their markets. Solutions were explored and proposed, confidence and optimism were expressed, and each attendee seemed to agree that this new office shines a light on the potential they have to create more success for Team Members everywhere.

“This is only the beginning,” said Carmelo. “Along with those who gathered for our office opening, we have other leaders across Europe that need to be heard, and I hope to gather with them soon. Our company is evolving. Our presence in Europe is growing. We have a lot to celebrate and a lot of work to do. What a great time.”


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