Purify Program Made Easy With New Visual Guide

A new information sheet is now available to help you maximize the benefits of the Purify program. The “Purify Matrix” is a helpful, two-sided sheet that provides visual instructions for successfully completing the Purify Program over the course of either 7 or 21 days.

Available in several languages, you can refer to this easy-to-follow guide to stay right on track. Enjoy checking-off each completed day of the program on the tracking schedule. View the dietary guidelines, including recommended foods, for each Purify meal. Print a copy, share a copy, and reap the rewards of Purify as you focus on your microbiome health.

Click to download:

Remember, this new Purify Matrix can be downloaded from the “Resources” tab of your digital back office, along with many other helpful, printable and shareable tools. Log in at SynergyWorldWide.com to check it out.


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