Save the date: End of summer mini kick off

Saturday 14th of August we are starting our autumn season with mini kick-off for Synergy Nordic. We will host three mini kick-offs this day, all with a slightly different content. Content tailored to each of the different markets we are represented in.

We are hosting these mini kick-offs through webinars, with presenters from the different markets. The agenda and webinar links will be sent out in the week leading up to the webinars. So, for now, save the date and the time.

Finland: Saturday 14th August at 1pm to 3pm Finnish time.
Norway, Sweden and Denmark: Saturday 14th of August at 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm Norwegian time
Iceland: Saturday 14th of August at 3pm to 4pm Icelandic time.

For Finland we will host the kick-off in Finnish and English with Finnish translation. For Norway, Sweden and Denmark the webinar will be hosted in Norwegian. We are also working to provide Icelandic translation for the Icelandic webinar.

All Team Members are welcome, and we hope to see you at our mini Kick-Off.


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