Nordic Webinar

We experience daily that old Team Members are returning to Synergy Worldwide. Members who have been away for some time, either they have been with other companies, or they have been demotivated and tiered of the business. It is apparent that something is happening with Synergy that makes them want to come back. What is it that are happening now that they find intriguing? In this week’s webinar we are taking a closer look at what has transpired in Synergy in the last months and we are also looking ahead. We will be looking at our past product launches and will be looking forward towards our summit in this weeks webinar. 

All Team Members are welcome to attend. 

What: Nordic Webinar
When: Wednesday 6th of October in Norwegian at 8 pm Norwegian time
Thursday 7th of October in English with Finnish translation at 8 pm Finnish time

Welcome to our webinar


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