Nordic webinar: Summit recap

Dear valued Team Member

We have just concluded our fantastic Summit 2021, where we had several announcements. We are noticing an electric atmosphere in our Nordic region. We are imagining several of you loosing hours and hours of sleep after Summit, planning future activities and how to work with all of these new items. 

We recognize that we presented a lot of things, and that it is though to get it all in and absorbed. To remedy this we are hosting a webinar this week to sum up and draw the bigger lines from our Summit. This will not go in depth but try and present the bigger picture. 

What: Nordic Summit Webinar
When: Wednesday 17th of November at 8 pm Norwegian time in Norwegian
    Thursday 18th of November at 8 pm Finnish time in English with Finnish translations
    Friday 19th of November at 6 pm Icelandic time in English with Icelandic translations

Welcome to our webinar


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