Synergy Referral Program

Our Referral Program is here! We are excited to announce this launch and tell you all about the program that will empower your customer base and help you grow and expand your business. 

The Referral Program (affiliate program) helps you and your customers to benefit from sharing favourite products online. Anyone can be an affiliate and “refer a friend” once they have become a customer with us. An affiliate is given a reward of 16%* in product credits when they refer a friend who shops with Synergy, whilst the sponsor of the affiliate receives the commission. 

With this new Referral Program comes new Customer Terms & Conditions and minor updates to our Policies and Procedures.

Please take time to review these documents with the links provided below. Please note that by placing orders with Synergy WorldWide, you also accept these new changes.

New Referral Program here
New Customer Terms & Conditions here
Updated Policies & Procedures here
Compensation Plan here

*Please note that in previous communications “up to 20%” has been used to explain the potential earnings in product credits. This percentage reflects the amount when calculations were done with wholesale as the base. Note that the updated percentage of ‘16%’ reflects the calculation percentage when using the retail one-time-purchase price point as base. The calculations are made on the pre vat amount.
Amount calculations of product credit are calculated in the same way as retail bonus and is the difference between what a customer has paid for the products and the wholesale, both pre vat.


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