March Madness Sale: Enjoy Up to 45% Off Selected Products!

March is here, and we're kicking off the month with a bang by introducing MARCH MADNESS!  

Get ready to revel in the thrill of unbeatable savings as we offer discounts of up to 45% OFF on a selection of handpicked products. Take advantage of FULL CV VALUE, with NO UNIT MINIMUM, for the WHOLE MONTH!  

Share the amazing news with EVERYONE, including your current and any new customers. March Madness discounts are available for everybody! 

  • 45% discount + Full CV: 

-     SmartMeal 
-     Collagen+ 
-     Collagen+ Beauty 

  • 30% discount + Full CV on: 

-     l’amara Skin Activating Toner 
-     l'amara Revealing Eye Cream 
-     l'amara  Nourishing Cleanser 
-     l'amara Moisture Boost Emulsion 
-     Silver Shield Gel 
-     Silver Shield Liquid 
-     Silver Shield Hand & Body 


This promotion is not only about saving money! Don’t miss this incredible chance to BOOST your business and take advantage of our Title Plus 2024 promotion, earning bonuses for reaching and maintaining new titles.

And that’s not all! Your efforts right now could lead you straight to the vibrant streets of SEVILLE with our Incentive Trip 2024 Promotion! Start maximizing your potential TODAY! 

Join us in celebrating March Madness and don't miss out on this “limited-time” opportunity to invest in you and your customers' health and wellness at insanely low prices! 


This promotion applies only to single units 
This promotion applies to all types of orders, including Subscribe & Save


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