How to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Businesses everywhere rely on social media to connect with their customers.  Your Synergy business is no different, and can benefit from utilizing these free marketing tools to expand your reach!

Let’s be honest, social media is nothing short of overwhelming to those trying to wedge their businesses into networking circles on Facebook and Twitter. Becoming a social media guru takes time, trial and error, and most importantly, a solid strategy.

Two of Synergy’s top European leaders, Eric and Kati Gammals, relied heavily on social media to achieve their rank within the company.

“Professional network marketing is also about sharing information and specifically sharing personal events, testimonies, pictures and generally lifestyle matters.” Kati said. “Traditional selling doesn't work in social media, but network marketing fits perfectly because it’s about sharing information and not advertising.”

Here are a few good things to remember when using social media with your Synergy business:

Understand your audience. Before you are ready to post content to your social media sites you need to have a vivid image of the ideal Synergy customer painted in your mind. When you have your audience pinpointed you can cater social media posts to these individuals’ challenges, needs and motivations. It’s also important that you consider what content they will be most likely to share with their social media connections. Find and save sources that offer credible information pertaining to your niche. The more you know about your audience and your niche, and the more you read about related topics, the easier it will be to post pertinent, attention-grabbing content.

Be innovative. Social media marketing begs for creativity. Start thinking about your business and the products you want to sell in a different way. Keep all of your content ideas in one place; you can add and subtract from your list as you go. Through your posts you can link your audience to related websites and blogs. But it’s important that you don’t get stuck in a content rut, always falling back on these types of posts. Introduce your audience to new communication methods by posting links to webinars, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, electronic magazines and videos.

“We have Facebook groups for business builders and we mainly use that group for sharing information,” Eric said. “We share documents, blog news, success stories, meeting and webinar schedules, and pin-level recognitions within our Facebook group. It's good way to keep everyone updated.”

Use images. The incomprehensible amount of social media content is grabbing your customers’ attention at every angle. How will you stand out? Try to supplement each post with a clear, professional and eye-catching image. Whether you are posting an image you found online or a photo you took, make sure it’s a quality, color image.

Be consistent. This one is easy. Make social media part of your daily routine. Surveys indicate that small businesses with successful social media sites spend about an hour updating their Facebook and Twitter pages with new posts every day.  Spending all day on social media won’t make or break your business, but dedicating a small portion of your schedule to posting relevant, attention-grabbing content, will generate interest and potentially help you contact new people.

“It's much easier to build Synergy business when social media tools like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn exist,” Eric said. “Our role is to share information and educate. Social media tools support us a lot in doing that. Social media is making the world smaller and making global business easier.”

“We use Facebook daily,” Kati said. “It makes it very easy to quickly answer questions and share news, stories, photos, video clips as well as be part of the conversations that are going on.”

In the current Digital Age, creating an online community for your business is crucial. The growth you’ll see in your Synergy business can be exponential as you make social media a priority in your business.


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