Start thinking about Team Manager Academy in June!

Commit yourself to attend this year’s Team Manager Academy in Tyrol, Austria.

The 2014 Team Manager Academy will be held at the Interalpen Hotel, nestled in the Austrian Alps. As all those who have attended in the past can attest, here you will experience the epitome of Austria’s scenic beauty while receiving leadership training to help you excel in your Synergy business.

In order to qualify for Team Manager Academy you must:
  • Rank advance to Team Manager for the first time between June 2013 and May 2014  – OR –
  • As a sponsor, have a personally sponsored Team Member qualify for TMA and hold the Team Manager title  – OR –
  • Rank advance past your previous highest rank if you attended last year’s TMA.
Team Manager Academy will start off with an appetizing welcome dinner. The following day, Team Members will enjoy attending inspirational meetings filled with dynamic trainings from leaders and corporate guests. Additionally, attendees will also take part in a fun team building activity that will challenge your leadership and cooperation skills, while building camaraderie and friendships.

Let’s make this year’s Team Manager Academy even better than the last. We look forward to joining you at this beautiful location for a weekend of development and fun.

Make it your goal to be there! 


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