Executive Message: Make 2014 a Banner Year

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Synergy WorldWide’s growth in 2013 is visible. We’ve recognized new leadership positions, launched new products and opened new markets around the globe to drive Synergy forward and continue in our pursuit to present this company and its health-enhancing products to the masses. Our numbers are multiplying in Europe, and we are excited about the launch of three new European markets: Iceland, Slovenia and, most recently, Italy. People in these regions are latching on to Synergy’s vision, eager to leave their Synergy legacies.

Quarter three of 2013 was record-breaking. Synergy’s sales revenue increased by 4%, giving Synergy its highest sales quarter in history. Part of this increase is attributed to notable growth in Scandinavia and Central Europe. We can also thank the success of Global Summit 2013 in Seoul, and the launch of SLMsmart in South Korea and the United States for the quarter’s success. We are eager to introduce SLMsmart to all of Synergy’s global markets.

Undoubtedly, the driving force in our growth is traced back to talented and devoted leaders. In 2013 we welcomed four new general managers to support Europe’s flourishing markets. Radek Baszynski became part of Synergy’s team in January, filling the general manager position over Poland and the Czech Republic. Erich Dengg was brought on to manage our Central European markets: Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Our Western European general manager is Rob Lord who oversees the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland and Spain. Most recently, we brought on Raffaella Orlandi with the launch of Italy, Synergy’s newest European market. Accompanying Italy’s 2013 launch were openings in Iceland and Slovenia, and Synergy’s growth does not stop there. France is slotted to launch in 2014. We are excited to see how these new markets contribute to Europe’s overall growth.

I am sure this growth will manifest itself at our 2014 European Summit in Barcelona. The 2013 Global Summit in Seoul created an incredible momentum that will propel us through the year until Europe’s second-ever regional summit. With Team Members from 15 countries encouraged to attend this dynamic event, Summit 2014 is sure to be the biggest Synergy event Europe has seen. Make attending this event a priority as it is the gathering place for Synergy’s strongest leaders. The Barcelona Summit will give us the opportunity to praise you for your hard work all year and magnify how important our European markets are to Synergy WorldWide. We want to see each of you taking your well-deserved place in the spotlight during this event.

I am confident that 2014 will be a banner year. We have dedicated leadership in the field, reputable products and unstoppable momentum. Set your goals high this year; I look forward to celebrating your successes when we meet again in Barcelona.

Best regards,

Dan Norman 
Synergy WorldWide


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