Bringing Back the 2x2 Builder Bonus

Take advantage of extra earnings for another year! Beginning February 1 and ending December 31, 2014, the 2x2 promotion is back in action.


Based on principles of sponsorship and duplication, the 2x2 Builder Bonus pays out each time you meet its qualifications. You can earn this bonus an UNLIMITED number of times.

Before explaining how the bonus works, let’s define an important 2x2 Builder Bonus term.


Building a pod is achieved when you personally sponsor a new Team Member and then help them personally sponsor two new Team Members—this is one pod. The key to earning a 2x2 Builder Bonus is successfully building two pods. Let’s represent this visually.

1. In February you personally sponsor Bob and Sue who place activation orders.

2. In March you help Bob and Sue personally sponsor two new people, each of whom places activation orders, while you, Bob, and Sue are autoship qualified.
3. Congratulations, you have successfully built two pods! 


The 2x2 Builder Bonus will be paid as a monthly bonus!

To earn a Builder Bonus, you and the Team Members in each pod must be autoship qualified at the standard level or higher in the month that the two pods are completed.

The bonus for all Team Members in Iceland is €200.

You can earn this bonus every time you sponsor two new Team Members, and help them get their two. This promotion is for Europe Team Members who sponsor Europe downline only. If you sponsor people from outside of Synergy’s European markets, that market’s fast start payout will occur.

Note: Autoship participation is required for ALL payouts.

Synergy is excited to continue this promotion as it encourages teamwork while putting more money in your pocket!

If you have any questions regarding this exciting bonus, please contact customer service.


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