Congratulations 2014 SLM 10 Club Qualifiers!

At the conclusion of the SLM 10 Club Promotion’s first round, 24 Team Members made the cut! 

Each of these Team Members proved just how rewarding building a Synergy business with SLMsmart and e9 can be, activating 10 or more new Team Members and customers on SLMsmart packs. Many of the SLM 10 Club qualifiers even surpassed the 10 activation requirement.

We are impressed by your tremendous ability to not only set goals, but make things happen!

Congratulations to:

Sascha Holler, Austria
Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess, Austria
Wilhelm Heindl, Austria
Elfriede Tappauf, Austria
Robert Suppan, Austria
Dieter Nagl, Austria

Helena Hemming, Finland
Elina & Sakari Lankkanen, Finland

Evelyn Barckhan, Germany
Thomas Ellebracht, Germany

Michele Guardascione, Italy
Giuseppe Lucio, Italy

Veronica Jagadal, Norway
Elin Holmen, Norway
Randi & Vegard Skjørstad, Norway
Tommy Bjerkås, Norway

Mirka Sedmak, Slovenia
Bostjan Pilej, Slovenia
Sanja Vecenaj, Slovenia

Unni & Carl Warpe, Spain
Cristina Cabañero & Luis Quesada, Spain

Lena Ljungdahl, Sweden
Linda Englund, Sweden

Sally MacLeod, United Kingdom

Each Team Member received a 150 euro bonus in addition to a custom SLM 10 Club pin and a VIP dinner following their Kickoff event. More importantly, these Team Member have strengthened their Synergy businesses and introduced a delicious and effective weight management plan to at least 10 others, giving many the opportunity to better their lives.

To all those wishing they had turned in their SLM 10 Club forms, we have great news! This promotion has been extended through March 31, 2015. Everyone is eligible to join the SLM 10 Club by following a few simple steps. To learn more CLICK HERE.

When you’ve completed the 10 activations you must also complete the SLM 10 Club form and send it to your customer service agent.


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