Internationally-ranked Long Jumper relies on e9 and ProArgi-9+

Nina Djordjevič’s list of athletic accomplishments is extensive, to say the least. She discovered her talent for long jump at age 9 when she began practicing with a track and field team. Nina was a natural! Her performance at meets turned heads and before she knew it she was competing in the World Junior Championship finals. Before receiving a full-ride scholarship to Kansas State University’s track and field team, Nina won the bronze medal in long jump at the Youth Olympic Games.

Her success continues to soar and her long jump achievements are almost too many to count:

Finals in long jump in Athletic European Championship in Zurich, 2014
12th place in indoor Athletic European Championship in Praha, 2015
Slovenian national champion in long jump
Placed 4th in NCAA championship
2-time All-American athlete
Silver medal inn Big 12 conference championships
Holds long jump record at Kansas State University
Best Student Athlete at Kansas State University, 2011
First team of best student athletes in the U.S.

Nina was introduced to Synergy products by a friend who trusted the products to help her get fit after her pregnancy. Because her friend is a doctor, Nina decided she could trust the products too. She started by taking the V3 System products—ProArgi-9+, Mistify and Phytolife—and said it didn’t take long to notice that the products were having a positive impact on her health.

Now, she relies heavily on e9 and ProArgi-9+, appreciating that both products give her energy boosts in a pinch while enhancing her overall health with high-quality ingredients. Mistify and Phytolife are also staples in her daily health routine because their many potent ingredients contribute to her overall wellbeing. While she heals from a foot injury, Nina still takes the products regularly to help in the recovery process.

Ultimately, Nina aims to compete in the Olympics and World Indoor Championship, letting Synergy products play a part in getting her there.


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