Summit 2015 Recap

At the largest Europe Summit to date, Synergy Team Members gathered in Rome’s sophisticated Auditorium Parco Della Musica for another magnificent Summit event.

Rome provided a historically-rich backdrop for this major event and while everyone attended Summit for their own reasons, each person left with a commitment to uphold the same goal: Leave a Legacy.

Summit officially kicked off Thursday evening with an Opening Reception the showcased a small army of performing gladiators, living statues, and an electrifying live performance by the Disco Bandits. It was a memorable night for all and definitely set the mood for a high-energy weekend.

General Sessions began Friday morning and began with a warm audience welcome to all executives who were introduced on stage. Then, every Team Member had his or her chance to shine on stage in the Parade of Nations as they waved their country flags proudly and cheered with the applauding audience.

Synergy President Dan Norman was the first presenter to take the stage. He congratulated all of Europe on another year of growth and built anticipation for the great things Synergy will have to offer this year and in years to come.

Elevating the exciting even more, Vice President Stewart Rutter introduced two new products—SLMsmart Chocolate Meal Replacement and Body Prime. SLMsmart Chocolate contains all of the health benefits customers loved in SLMsmart Vanilla Meal Replacement. This product is available in the shopping cart. Summit attendees had the opportunity to purchase Synergy’s newest product Body Prime in the Summit Store. The product is a proprietary blend unique to Europe and will be available Europe wide January 2016.

In Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp’s presentation, he walked attendees through each phase of Body Prime’s development, from research to clinical trial, which took place entirely at our state-of-the-art Hughes Center for Research and Development.

The launch of Synergy’s new unified earnings model Elite Honors was the pinnacle of excitement in Friday afternoon’s session. Attendees scribbled notes as Stewart Rutter explained the details of this business-enhancing system that Team Members are encouraged to follow in order to maximize Synergy’s Compensation Plan. Those who follow the Elite Honors model can become Elite Honors Qualified and take advantage of the Go Elite promotion.

Synergy leaders from the U.S., Europe, and even South Korea, spent much of the remainder of that session edifying, supporting and expressed their excitement for the launch of this new business model.

Later that night, an exclusive VIP Reception dinner took place at the beautiful Caffé delle Arti to honor the year’s highest achieving Team Members. Those who qualified spent a glamorous evening filled with decadent food and drink, relaxing conversation, all while enjoying the fine art placed throughout the venue.

Saturday morning was full of empowering and rousing presentations as top U.S. and Europe executives inspired attendees to reach for their most ambitious goals while uncovering the pathway to success. The recognition session concluded the event, and executives were pleased to congratulate and shake the hands of dozens who achieved Team Leader and above, as well as the 10 exemplary individuals who were selected for Legacy Awards. An impressive number of Synergy’s highest achievements were awarded this year, including three Pearl Executives, one Emerald Executive, one Diamond Executive, one Million Dollar Club award, and 10 Legacy Awards, which included the first-ever Will Martin Hope of Synergy awards.

Thank you to everyone who attended Summit 2015 in Rome and made it a prodigious event. With the Elite Honors model, one new product in hand and another on the horizon, and a fresh outlook on the future, this year promises great things for Synergy WorldWide.

Continue visiting the blog throughout the next few weeks for complete details on the newly launched products, programs, and promotions!


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