Elite Honours Spotlights

With the Elite Honours program in full swing, Team Members have been building stronger businesses through defined monthly goals.

In January, 312 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honours Qualified. That means at least 312 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honours Qualified have found that the Elite Honours earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honours thus far! Here are a few insights from our newest Elite Honours Qualifiers regarding their success with the system:

Regina & Antti Ahola, Finland

Regina and Antti Ahola’s experience with Elite Honors has taught them the importance of making and keeping commitments. It has also taught them to follow through with their plans to achieve satisfying short-term goals. This is more gratifying than looking at long-term goals that may seem overwhelming when considered all at once.

Regina and Antti know how important it is to train and support an effective group of individuals. When the team is willing to follow the plan and meet short-term goals, the workload seems more reasonable for all those involved.

““It’s important to commit to an objective at the beginning of the month. Once the groundwork is complete, following up and helping Team Members commit to products becomes easier and more rewarding,” Antti said.

Jacek Cieślik, Poland

Jacek Cieślik believes Elite Honors is the key to defining small, attainable goals, and it is through these goals that big dreams are brought to fruition. Poland has a slightly modified Elite Honors system that caters to the market’s individual needs, and Jacek believes this change has been helpful to increased success.

“Using Elite Honors, we have a better chance of a more dynamic development of our structures and extra financial bonuses as well,” he said.

Though Jacek was building a successful business before Elite Honors was introduced, he is uncovering the various benefits of this new system. Jacek believes the most important thing about Elite Honors is that it must be duplicated to be effective. As an increasing number of individuals become Elite Honors qualified, increase volume throughout organizations will follow.

Marlis Hoffmann, Germany

Marlis appreciates the fact that Elite Honors encourages building relationships with customers. By building trust with a customer, the customer will begin to trust the company. Eventually, a satisfied customer will become a satisfied partner. This creates a sustainable income model if all those in an organization have mutual respect for each other and create the right “chemistry” as Marlis call it.

“The customer structure takes time,” Marlis said. “With the 90-day money-back guarantee customers can take the time to find out for themselves if the products are worth using. I believe the products speak for themselves, and if the customers are satisfied, they will continue to purchase. It’s as simple as that.”

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