Take a Look at the New Europe Calendar!

A large fraction of Synergy Team Members conduct business in various cities and countries throughout Europe, and we’re excited to tell you that the new and improved calendar will keep you in the loop no matter where you decide to build your business.

Synergy’s blog calendars have been consolidated into an all-inclusive European calendar! Now, you can stay up-to-date on meetings, trainings, and other events that are scheduled throughout Europe, all in one convenient place.


Visit the Synergy blog and click on the “Calendar” tab at the top of the page. This link will take you to the Europe-wide calendar where each event is color coded to indicate the hosting country. Refer to the key below the calendar to match countries to colors.

The new Synergy Europe calendar was designed to let you see what you want to see. If you are from Poland, but want to see what’s happening in the Czech Republic, you simply locate the dropdown menu above the calendar and select the country calendar you’d like to view. This command will remove all events that are not associated with the country you selected.


In addition to the Europe calendar, all Team Members now have access to an event submission form in their native language. These form are located below the calendars on their respective blogs. We encourage all Team Members to use this form and the calendar as an event marketing tool. Please fill the form out in its entirety. Incomplete event submissions will not be posted. Please keep comments in the “event description” field brief.

Note: Please submit events at least one week before they are scheduled to take place. The event calendar will be updated every day Monday through Friday.

Now, it’s your job to plan events and submit them so we can fill the calendar up for an action-packed 2016!


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