Go Elite 10 Earners!

Five Synergy Team Members achieved the Go Elite 10 bonus in May by personally sponsoring at least 10 Elite Honors qualified Team Members. This is a fantastic accomplishment to reach; we are proud of our hardworking Team Members and want to congratulate the following on their €1200 bonuses.

Sandra Hübsch, Austria

Sandra first discovered Synergy in 2008 and after many years of positive experiences with Synergy products she decided to devote herself fully to Synergy in 2014. She has seen success in her Synergy business because of her enthusiasm for the products and the fantastic Compensation Plan. Sandra earned the Go Elite 10 bonus for the first time in May—the same month that she rank advanced to the title of Team Director. Attaining both of these milestones in the same month is proof that Sandra’s business has an increasingly bright future.

Franz Friess, Austria

Among the most successful Synergy executives in Central Europe, Franz has been an admirable business builder for years. His success in the company stemmed from firm belief in the products as well as an incredible work ethic. He has had immense success with Synergy, putting a lot of emphasis on the necessity of teamwork and the importance of the Elite Honors system.

“I am sure that the Elite Honors model has the power to change everything,” Franz said. “I have seen it work within my own team; it makes people excited.”

Corinna Fröwein, Austria

Corinna knows that the Elite Honors business model works–her thriving business is proof. This is Corinna’s second time earning the Go Elite 10 bonus and she knows that the Elite Honors Club is a crucial part of Synergy’s long-term business plan.

“I want to show people that everyone can earn this bonus in Europe,” Corinna said. “I do not have the highest title with Synergy, but through this promotion I am able to earn the maximum amount.”

Through Elite Honors and the Go Elite 10 bonus, Corinna looks forward to seeing how her team’s hard work will positively impact the future of Synergy WorldWide.

Teri Rigby, United Kingdom

It only took a few short months for Teri to become a powerhouse Synergy Team Member. With nearly 30 years of network marketing experience, Teri has climbed up the ranks and most recently advanced to the title of Team Elite in April. With all the progress she has made, Teri said she will bring a huge Synergy wave to the UK and looks forward to working with her team to reach even greater heights.

Upon earning the Go Elite 10 bonus a second time, Teri has wonderful things to say about Elite Honors as well as Synergy’s Compensation Plan. The Elite Honors earnings model has been a huge help to her and her team over the past few months as she has become one of Synergy’s fastest growing successes.

Sue & Matt Thomas, United Kingdom

They’ve only been with Synergy for three months, but in that short amount of time, Sue and Matt’s business has made tremendous progress. They felt lucky upon joining the Synergy team because they had a fantastic group of dedicated and hard-working networkers following them.

Sue and Matt we able to earn the Go Elite 10 bonus in a short amount of time, and said that the driving force behind their success is the opportunity they have to help others.

“Aim to help as many people as possible on a daily basis,” Sue said. “The more people you help, the more successful you will be.”

Matt and Sue believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve Elite Health, and that Synergy has the best products available to help people achieve their health goals.


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