Qualify for the Leadership Power Training

Each day we’re getting closer the upcoming Leadership Power Training at our new European Headquarters in Barcelona Spain! You have plenty of time to qualify for this wonderful event and we encourage you to taking the necessary steps in order to qualify for this exclusive training.

The weekend event will take place December 2-4 where Team Members will enjoy a full schedule of meetings, trainings, and team building at the World Trade Center Barcelona Auditorium. Listed below are the dates and agenda for the Power Training:

Friday, December 2
20:00 - VIP DINNER

Saturday, December 3
09:00 to 12:30 - Training Session I
12:30 to 14:00 - SLM Healthy Lunch
14:00 to 17:00 – Training Session II

Team Members will have the evening free to do as they wish.

Sunday, December 4
09:00 to 11:00 – Breakout Meeting & Recognition

We would like to congratulate the following individuals on already qualifying for the Leadership Power Training, we look forward to seeing them in December!

Robert Suppan (Austria)
Anita Vidovitsch (Austria)
Elisabeth Muellner (Austria)
Trollmann Manuela (Austria)
Veronika Guggenberger (Austria)
Eric & Kati Gammals (Finland)
Salme Ala-Heikkilä & Reijo Ojanen (Finland)
Päivi & Kimmo Kangas (Finland)
Claudia & Michaelziemke-Wald (Germany)
Keith Robinson (Ireland)
Mandy Blaney & Daniel Gallagher (Ireland)
Mary Booth (Ireland)
Yvonne E. Timmins (Ireland)
Josephine Fullerton (Ireland)
Martin Østvang (Norway)
Knut Inge Busk (Norway)
 Stein Magne & Osmoen Ingrid Haugan (Norway)
Glenn Skamsar,
Piotr Gotowicki & Dietmar Dahmen (Poland)
Unni & Karl Warpe (Spain)
Rafael Lopez Torrecilla (Spain)
Teri Rigby (United Kingdom)

These individuals are currently qualified for admission to Leadership Power Training and the event’s VIP Dinner. Their level of qualification may change in the coming months based on their merit. CLICK HERE for full details on event qualifications.

PLEASE NOTE qualification rewards are for one person per qualified account; however, rewards will apply to the business partners and/or spouses of Team Members who qualify at the rank of Team Elite or above. They will be allowed to share a double room, and BOTH will be invited to the VIP dinner. Airfare will be reimbursed up to €250 for the account, not per person. Synergy will book all hotel accommodations. Qualifiers who do not accept hotel accommodation will not be reimbursed for the value of the room.


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