New Team Director: Deniz Gungør

“I cannot say that the network marketing industry initially attracted me,” Deniz said. “It is far more accurate to say that Synergy attracted me.”

Deniz quickly understood the value that Synergy products could bring to people’s lives and it is through sharing the products that he now understands how the network marketing industry could change the way we do business and benefit people all around the world.

While enjoying a cup of coffee with his sponsor Glenn Skamsar, Deniz learned all about Synergy products and realized the value they held. Though he was busy with many projects and running a business at the time, Deniz couldn’t pass up the opportunity to begin sharing Synergy products.

Having a background in security, Deniz started his own company within the security industry, but closed it so he could focus on his partnership with Synergy. His strengths in business innovation and customer solutions made him successful in his security business and continue to support his current success with Synergy.

“I look at Synergy as a very powerful tool that anyone can use to contribute to major changes in the world,” Deniz said. “When working with Synergy, the outcome will always be positive.”

Deniz views earning commissions through Synergy as a reflection of how many people have been helped. When his commissions increase, he knows he is having a life-changing impact on more people.

In addition to being Norway’s newest Team Director, Deniz was recently honored with his first-ever Legacy Award—the William Martin Hope of Synergy Award—at Summit 2016. Deniz is committed to helping the world discover Synergy WorldWide, a company that he said has the potential to accomplish things no other company has accomplished before.

“With the combination of company, products, integrity, and the increasing awareness and understanding of health and of the business model, we will set new world records to the industry, and I will be a part of it,” Deniz said.


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