Founders Tour Success!

Throughout the last week of November, wonderful groups of men and women attended the inspirational Founder’s Tour with Synergy WorldWide founder, Dan Higginson. Team Members and guests from all across Europe travelled to attend meetings in England, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, and Italy in order to gain new insight into what the future holds for Synergy.

Each of these events featured great leaders and presenters who gave helpful business building instruction, shared their vision for the future, and provided positive ways to affect Synergy’s markets. Synergy Vice President of Sales Carmelo D’Anzi was thoroughly impressed by the turnout for these events and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Team Members and leaders who participated.

“It was a phenomenal tour,” D’Anzi said. “I want to thank all of our leaders in London, Oslo, Helsinki, Nuremburg, Vienna and Italy, and those who travelled from other countries. Thank you for making this tour an amazing experience. And, of course, my thanks go to Dan Higginson for sharing his vision for Synergy Worldwide with you all. I hope that everyone who joined us took home something that was said, something that will change your business or life in a positive way and help you make a big impact across Europe. The time is now!”

With the success of the tour, Dan Higginson is positive that Synergy’s future is as bright as ever and plans to make 2018 a historic year.

“It is always a joy to meet face-to-face with our Team Members who commit their time to spreading the Synergy message of Elite Health across the world. This tour turned out very well and I am proud of the vision we were able to discuss for the future of our company. Synergy has seen impressive growth in 2017 and with our plans for 2018, we’re confident that the growth will continue.”

Thank you to all of our dedicated and enthusiastic Team Members and guests who came out to attend these events. We hope you found them to be valuable. Be sure to check back here on the blog for updates on upcoming events and promotions happening in the near future, and throughout 2018!


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