Back to Basics 2018 Recap

We love the fun, educational, inspiring experiences had by our Team Members around the world. Our recent Back to Basics event in beautiful Jesolo, Italy was no exception. Both entertaining and instructive, the event focused on the product and business fundamentals of Synergy WorldWide.

Several of Europe’s leaders and talented presenters coached an audience of more than 400 on how to increase sales, achieve Elite Health, and recognize the opportunity in each Synergy product. Pearl Executive Fernando Gatti trained attendees by giving valuable visual examples of how to duplicate and the astounding fruits of duplication. Presidential Executive Mads Ostvang, Emerald Executives Eric and Kati Gammals, and Pearl Executive Franz Friess talked about the many advantages of Synergy, the importance of Synergy events, and the power of Synergy products.

One of the highlights of the three-day event was an informative presentation on the new Trulūm skincare line. Annarita Taglioni, along with her friend Barbara, sat on stage to role-play a Trulūm sample-and-share experience. The audience was encouraged by the example shown, and are now better prepared to share the luminous benefits of Trulūm with others.

President Dan Norman celebrated the current state of Synergy Europe and its potential to grow. For his first visit to Back to Basics, Founder Dan Higginson delivered a poignant speech about taking action and operating as the founder of your own Synergy business. He explained that Synergy is poised for greatness for years to come because of its solid foundation and backing by Nature’s Sunshine.

As a special thank you to several qualifying Team Members, a VIP dinner at the lovely seaside Ristorante Hotel Villa Sorriso was served at sunset. This exclusive dinner was held for those who had advanced to Team Manager or maintained the rank of Team Manager for at least one month during a set qualification period. We were pleased to raise a toast to these enthusiastic leaders for their commitment to Synergy, and we hope to see even more qualifiers at our next VIP experience (details coming soon

We look forward to more fantastic European events in our future. They are a chance to learn from and applaud the great achievements of those building their Synergy businesses in Europe.

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