Update Your Summer Workout

This summer, we’re enjoying the sunshine by changing up our workout routine and heading outdoors to exercise.

Below, we’ve included a few ideas to help change up your daily workout for a fun outdoor activity.

Go for a hike
Hiking is a great way to enjoy the surrounding nature while also stretching your legs and elevating your heart rate. You might see blooming wildflowers and wildlife while exploring new trails and making unique memories along the way.

Jump rope
You might remember easily skipping rope back in your elementary school days, but this activity has evolved to be just as intense as other workouts. Although it might seem simple, jump rope workouts challenge your stamina and coordination. So, if you’re feeling ready to tackle the jump rope, try this workout routine.

Outdoor yoga
One of the best things about yoga is that it can be done nearly everywhere, including the outdoors, all you need is a mat and some time. Practicing yoga in nature can also help enhance your workout in a variety of new ways. You can gain more confidence in your ability while practicing in a new environment and replenish any depleted energy through the natural calm present outdoors. So, grab a mat and head outside for some fresh air and a rejuvenating workout.

Neighborhood bike rides
Going on a neighborhood bike ride can be a great way to get outside and explore new areas of your local region. While cycling through your city, you can find new places to visit and experience all your town has to offer. If you don’t own a bike, no worries! There are plenty of places that offer bike rentals with a variety of bike styles and pricings. A simple google search should easily locate your nearest shop and help you start your cycling exploration.


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