New and Improved Biome Shake

We are very pleased to announce our new and improved Biome Shake. Overseen by our experts in the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, Synergy Biome Shake now offers a stronger formula, utilizing a robust vegetable base and clean pea protein. With more protein, and additional vitamins and minerals, our vegetarian and gluten free formula will provide maximum nutrients in every scoop.

Key changes include:

Vitamins and Minerals:
The new Synergy Biome Shake now contains 2 additional vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, which helps protect cells from oxidative stress and iron as a ferric pyrophosphate, a chelated form that helps improve palatability. This Iron has many benefits associated with the cardiovascular and immune systems. Additionally, we have increased most vitamin and mineral concentrations across the board.

Carbohydrate Blend: Our new formula includes a powerful carbohydrate blend that delivers the solid benefits of complete macronutrients. The unique blend delivers nutrition-rich complex carbohydrates ensuring measured absorption and utilization by the body. 

Green Coffee Bean and Green Tea Leaf Extracts: In addition, we have included the robust power of natural green coffee bean and green tea leaf extracts. These extracts, in conjunction with the other ingredients of the Synergy Biome Shake, contribute to overall wellness. While these components contribute a limited amount of naturally-occurring caffeine, (less than 1 microgram), it is on par with what might be found in a chocolate bar, and less than half of what would be found in a cup of decaf coffee.

NEW Eco-friendly Packaging: In addition to these great formula improvements, we are very excited to announce our new, eco-friendly packaging. Using a durable bio-based container derived from sugar beet plants, the updated Synergy Biome Shake packaging will help reduce GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption. It is Petroleum-free and 100% recyclable. In fact, studies show that around 60% of the impact for both climate change and fossil fuel depletion categories is achieved when using this biobased HDPE instead of other, fossil-based counterparts.

Quality Assurance, guaranteed: 

As always, with Synergy, our product quality is not just stated, it’s guaranteed. Synergy Biome Shake is now produced in Europe, which reduces manufacturing and shipping times, as well. It is manufactured in a facility that is ISO22000, NSF, GMP, HACCP, and ISF certified and follows the same standards we hold ourselves to for US based manufacturing.


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