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We are rapidly approaching our anticipated Synergy WorldWide L’amara launch. Our first product of the skincare line was launched in November, the Radiance Oil. This product has become a best seller over the last six months. AND we can’t wait for the continuation, whilst introduce the next products in line. We are positive that they will receive the same great reception!
As summer draws nearer some of our current Trulum products will be taken off the market. We will experience sold out situations with the Trulum products and we cannot produce additional Trulum products. You will see that some products for some markets have been removed from our webshop. 
We are so looking forward to present the markets with the new Synergy WorldWide L’amara products, to see and hear from your customers and Team Members as they try this acclaimed and popular product line. Keep your eyes on the blog, social media, newsletters and attend webinars to be the first to learn more. 
If you have any questions about the discontinuation of Trulum or the introduction of the brand new L’amara line, please feel free to contact your upline or our customer service


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