Nordic webinar: Welcome to the autumn

September is upon us, and we are starting our autumn webinar season. In these webinars, we will present news from the company, mixed in with training on tools that Synergy is making available for our Team Members. We will look at promotions and incentives, and other elements that impact the working day of our Team Members, and that is important to have knowledge about.

Our webinars will be hosted and presented by our Nordic Sales Director, Espen J. Frydenberg and will be hosted on regular intervals throughout this autumn. The webinars are open to all Team Members in the Nordic region. During our “webinar week” we will host two webinars, one in Norwegian and one in English with Finnish translations. The first webinars of the season will be hosted Wednesday the 7th of September in Norwegian and Thursday the 8th of September in English with Finnish translations. 

Welcome to the webinar autumn season.

What:    Nordic Webinar
When:   Wednesday 7th of September at 8pm Norwegian time, in Norwegian
              Thursday 8th of September at 5 pm Finnish time, in English with Finnish translation
Where:  Wednesday 7th of September:
              Thursday 8th of September:


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