Spanish Market Under New Management

Due to Synergy’s growth in Western Europe, Synergy Italy’s General Manager Raffaella Orlandi will now oversee all business affairs in Spain, allowing Western Europe General Manager Rob Lord to invest more time into growing the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland markets.

“I am excited to continue our growth in the UK and Ireland, and I’m looking forward to re-launching our business in the Netherlands and developing new leadership there,” Rob said. “I will miss working with our diligent Spanish leaders, but with Raffaella’s experience and her understanding of the Spanish language, she will be an invaluable asset to the market.”

Rob has done exceptional work managing Spain and we are grateful for the groundwork he has done there to cultivate passionate leaders and give them the tools they need to succeed. Raffaella admits she has big shoes to fill as she steps into Rob’s previous role over Spain, but she is anxious to get to work.

“Taking care of the Spanish market represents a true challenge for me because I’ll need to work as well as Rob did,” Raffaella said. “I can only commit myself to further the incredible power of the Spanish Team Members—each of them has the potential to be the highest-ranking Team Member in Europe!”

Raffaella’s business history in Spain and ability to speak the Spanish language fluently makes her a perfect match for this position moving forward.

“I am eager to serve the Spanish network with a strong work ethic, and I’m eager to promote a mission that will be known throughout Spain: Si, se puede!”


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