Synergy Team Conquers 200-mile Relay

Twelve of Synergy’s corporate employees embarked on an adventure across Utah’s majestic Wasatch Mountain Range in the RAGNAR Relay. They piled into two vehicles, packing enough ProArgi-9+, e9 energy drink mix and the nutrient-dense SLMsmart Meal Replacement, to fuel them through an intense and unforgettable challenge.

Each runner had to finish three legs of the course, whether it was 3 a.m., in the heat of the day or on rocky trails. Synergy’s team, the RG9 Pros, endured and finished in the Top 20 percent of all its competitors. Each runner extends a sincere thank you to Synergy WorldWide for making the opportunity possible.

"It is awesome to be a part of a company that supports this kind of activity and adventure," said Marketing Manager Jake Rothfels. "It was such a blast. Every person on our team pushed themselves and did a fantastic job. It really was a privilege to do this crazy race with each of them. I’m grateful for Synergy supporting us the whole way."

Meet the team:  Howard Hannemann, Ryan Wright, Aaron McCain, Kristen Barker, Catherine Bennett, Ryan Lindahl, Chaz Liddle, Jake Rothfels, Mindee Waldron, Aaron Washenko, Ann Vest, Jerry Craner 


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