Team Elite: Maurizio Biasci

Congratulations to Maurizio Biasci, Synergy Italy’s Team Elite!

Maurizio began his career in network marketing nine years ago and has grown to love it even more with each passing year. He was originally drawn to network marketing for the opportunity it provided to those willing to work hard, and for the energetic people it attracts. He has grown to appreciate how quickly new Team Members can earn rewards for their drive and dedication.

“I tell my friends and distributors to work hard for the first two or three years and you will have benefits for over twenty years,” said Maurizio.

Since joining Synergy, he has quickly rank advanced to Team Elite through hard work, determination to lead by example, and by practicing the principles of duplication. He truly believes that anyone can achieve their goals if they speak from their heart and are genuinely passionate about the products and vision Synergy offers.

Maurizio also believes in a strong team dynamic. He works to foster strong interpersonal relationships within his team. He feels personally responsible for his Team Members’ success and does everything he can to support them.

“When a distributor decides to become part of my team,” said Maurizio, “he is essentially putting his future, and that of his family, in my hands. Because of this, I feel personally responsible for their decision to join Synergy and I work with them to make sure they’re taking steps to become as successful as possible.”

As a new Team Elite, Maurizio truly believes in the lucrative compensation plan Synergy offers as well as the unrivalled integrity of the products. While achieving this new rank has been an honor, he has already set his sights on becoming a Pearl Executive. “I believe in always keeping your eyes on your goal and never looking back. Never quit until you reach the top.”


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