Go Elite Bonus Extended 6 Months!

So far, Synergy has paid out €77.560 in Go Elite bonuses to Team Members throughout Europe, and we’re not ready to stop giving out these bonuses any time soon.

Originally, the Go Elite promotion was set to end on February 29, 2016, however, because Elite Honors and the Go Elite program have been so successful thus far, we are extending the promotion through August 31, 2016.

Now, you have six additional months to increase your monthly commissions by simply becoming Elite Honors qualified and encouraging those you sponsor to do the same. Remember, you have the opportunity to earn €250, €500 or €1200, based on how many Elite Honors qualifiers you sponsor!

CLICK HERE for Elite Honors and Go Elite qualification details.

As you buckle down and focus on growing your business in 2016, we are eager to incentivize your efforts and cheer you on as you conquer your goals. Best of luck!


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