New Team Elite: James Booth

James is an Irish champion boxer of 17 years and a martial artist of 20 years, which is why he knows how important elite nutrition is for optimal performance. After discovering Synergy in 2010, he quickly learned that the company’s commitment to quality nutrition paralleled his own lifelong beliefs. As a competitive boxer, James strived to excel at his sport, and now, he pushes for that same excellence in his business. James has been steadily climbing Synergy’s ladder of success and in August became Europe’s newest Team Elite.

It’s clear that no matter what James commits to, whether it’s a business venture or a sport, he knows how to execute. When he began martial arts training, he decided he wanted to be a black belt. When he enrolled as a Synergy distributor, he decided to become an executive leader. Now, as a current Team Elite, James is well on his way to reaching that goal.

Even though James doesn’t step into the ring anymore, he still has the same focus and mentality that helps him succeed. Many of the lessons James learned during his boxing career have stuck with him. One particular lesson has remained with him over the years—the importance of establishing a solid foundation, both in boxing, and in business.

James said athletes who are new to boxing don’t jump in the ring during their first week of training, expecting to win. This would more likely put them in a degree of danger. This concept also applies to running a Synergy business. It may take a little while to build the foundation, but once it’s established, the possibilities of success are endless.

“My life has changed completely in the five years I’ve been with Synergy,” James said. “I get paid for the effort I put into my work. Network marketing is a lot like mining. Initially, you put a lot of work into digging every day to find what you’re looking for, but eventually, if you stick with it, you will strike gold.”


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