VIP Reception Qualifiers

Summit is almost here! That means the VIP Reception is just around the corner and we have had an impressive amount of Team Members qualify to attend this year.

These individuals qualified by either:

1. Achieving Team Director or above between September, 2015, and August, 2016, OR 
2. Maintaining Team Director or above for a minimum of two months since January 2016.

Congratulations to the follow Team Members for qualifying to attend the 2016 VIP Reception!

Hakan Cetin (Austria)
Robert Suppan (Austria)
Elfriede Tappauf (Austria)
Sandra Hübsch (Austria)
Franz Friess & Ana Vajda-Friess (Austria)
Sabine Feitl (Austria)
Stefan Dörfler (Austria)
Eric & Kati Gammals (Finland)
Miimu Jaatinen (Finland)
Anna-Maija & Hannu Kreivi (Finland)
Galyna Rajala (Finland)
Sabine Link (Germany)
Michael & Claudia Ziemke-Wald (Germany)
Susanne & Thorsten Kupske (Germany)
Keith Robinson (Ireland)
James Booth (Ireland)
Yvonne Timmins (Ireland)
Maurizio Biasci (Italy)
Martin Østvang (Norway)
Mads Østvang (Norway)
Oistein Bekkvang (Norway)
Stefan Patrik Kristoffersen (Norway)
Reidun Dalheim (Norway)
Stein Magne Osmoen & Ingrid Haugan (Norway)
Zdenek & Martina Sladek (Czech Republic)
Heidi Byrkjeland (Sweden)
Teri Rigby (United Kingdom)

We look forward to seeing all these qualifiers at the beautiful Hotel Imperial in downtown Vienna where you will enjoy great food and incredible culture, and be able to mingle with Synergy’s top leaders and executives.


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