New Emerald Executive- Fernando Gatti

Synergy is proud to announce its newest Emerald Executive in Europe, Fernando “Nando” Gatti! Based primarily in beautiful Italy, Nando strives for excellence in all that he does. In just a short time with our company, he has become a Synergy Europe powerhouse, and has taught many to seek Elite Health, and leverage the Synergy business opportunities.

Nando will be the first to tell you that he is not in this by himself. His entire team works hard to make the organization thrive. As the exemplary leader that he is, Nando makes supporting his team his number one priority, and every person in his organization is important to him.

“When we joined Synergy two years ago, we set the goal to start making a difference right away, but it was not easy. Every leader at some point in their career has had to rebuild the entire structure of their organization in order to have the greatest success. My upline and sponsor, Paul and Bart [Paul Blad, Presidential Executive and Bart Woodcook, Diamond Executive], give us support and assistance, and they help project our goals in advance. They have helped and will continue to help make all our dreams tangible and realistic.

Every leader in my organization has put a lot of effort into building and growing this business. I know that every leader has incredible potential and is very capable of bringing success to the entire team. From the more experienced leaders to the rookies, every single member of our team has shown great awareness and reliability with neither boundaries nor barriers. Loyalty and respect bind us together and will continue to be the glue keeps the organization an example of achievement to others.

With the help of Dan, Adele, and the entire staff at Synergy, our business is growing and our Team Members are developing into great leaders and models of hard work and dedication.

I wish to thanks Nicola and Sara, Luigino and Michela, Fausto and Anna, Giorgio and Elena, Roberto and Elena, Filippo and Marina, and Erio. Thank you to your families and to your team of leaders. A special thanks to Roberta who is an extraordinary example of humility and simplicity to success. I also want to thank every single Team Member. You are all precious to us.”

From everyone involved with Synergy WorldWide, we extend our congratulations to Nando on this huge milestone. We are proud of your leadership in Europe, and we look forward to many more successes in your future.

“When I think of the qualities a good leader needs to have, I think of competence, passion, persistence, and a clear vision. Nando possesses all of these qualities. He carries out Synergy’s mission with diligence and is seeing his goals, and the goals of his team, come to fruition. Nando, congratulations on reaching Emerald Executive. He is one of a kind, and together with his team, prove that with positive teamwork, goals will be reached.”

-Adele Pastore, General Manager, Southern Europe


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