Nordic Webinar: Welcome to 2022

We have just hosted our Nordic Kick-Off, and what positive energy we started 2022 with. New systems and new products from the start of the year. And also several highly motivating promotions with extra bonuses and trips as rewards. This year is already looking up. 

In this week’s webinars we will welcome you all back to work, and we will have a chat about what is to come. And how you can position yourself to reap the benefits of everything that has been launched. The webinar will start with a short presentation before we will host a “Question and Answer section” where you can ask all the questions you have relating to Synergy. Welcome to 2022, it will be a blast. 

What: Nordic Webinar. Welcome to 2022

When: Wednesday 26th of January at 8pm Norwegian time, in Norwegian
            Thursday 27th of January at 8pm Finnish time, in English with Finnish translations.

Where: Wednesday 26th of January:
             Thursday 27th of January:

Welcome one, welcome all.


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