The ProArgi-9+ formula is more powerful than ever before!

ProArgi-9+ has been infused with more vitamins and minerals, making your dose of ProArgi-9+ that much more effective in your pursuit for optimal health. 

At Synergy, we are constantly looking to improve our products so that you can obtain the most health benefits possible each time you mix up one of our products.

New Formula Enhancements:

     • Added red wine extract
     • Added folic acid
     • Added Vitamin K
     • Increased Vitamin B12
     • Increased Vitamin B6
     • Changed sweetener to stevia

This formula is now sold in boxes of single-serve sachets, making it easier to take ProArgi-9+ on the go and share with everyone you cross paths with. It’s now easier than ever to introduce the health-enhancing benefits of ProArgi-9+ and Leave a Legacy with this premiere Synergy product.


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