Use New Product Sales Tools for Increased Success!

The Synergy opportunity in Europe is at an all-time high as newly introduced products are now available for you to use and share with prospective customers and business partners.

Take the guesswork out of what to say to prospective Team Members and let Synergy’s new product tools do the talking. Featuring new videos, brochures, pass-along cards, fact sheets and product websites – these tools will educate, motivate and generate interest.


Purchase professional brochures directly online when ordering your product. Now available for SLMsmart and e9, never leave your home without one!

Click here to see all brochures.

Pass-Along Cards

In a hurry or just looking to pique interest? Synergy’s new pass-along cards will do just that! Keep these with you at all times, pass them along, and let people see why Synergy’s new products will help transform their lives! If you have a few more minutes, use the convenient tear-off portion to collect information for a follow-up call or email.

Click here to see all pass-along cards.

Fact Sheets

Looking for a little more in-depth information to share? Synergy’s fact sheets provide additional education on product and are FREE to download!


For a comprehensive look at e9 and SLMsmart, visit the product sites!


What a phenomenal time to be part of this great company! Take advantage of these tools and let’s take Synergy Europe to an entirely new level of success.


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