Announcing Synergy Iceland's Grand Opening!

Synergy WorldWide supporters in Iceland and throughout Europe have been waiting for this moment to come. With Synergy Iceland gaining speed and a strong foundation of leaders in place, it's the perfect time to make it official with a Grand Opening celebration!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 2, 2015! The event will be held at the Reykjavik Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland.

This occasion will be especially momentous for attendees because Synergy founder Dan Higginson will be in attendance. He is eager to make his way to Iceland, a country where many of his viking ancestors lived. 

Scandinavia General Manager Bengt Emanuelsson and top Synergy leaders will also be in attendance. This is your opportunity to network with Synergy leadership! The Grand Opening will include an afternoon session that is open to Team Members and the public. Team Members are invited to register for a special training event with Dan Higginson who will give you exclusive tips and insights that will inspire you to take your business to new levels.

Event details

Open meeting
May 2, 2015
Reykjavik Grand Hotel


Team Member training meeting with Dan Higginson
May 2, 2015
Reykjavik Grand Hotel 


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