First issue of the 2015 Legacy eMagazine series is here!

As the first quarter draws to a close, we are inspired by the amount of success the European markets are experiencing this year and the 4th edition of the Legacy eMagazine shows why.


In this issue, you’ll find exclusive tips from Vice President of Sales Stewart Rutter on transforming daily actions into long-term success. You’ll also find essential tips from busy Team Members on growing your Synergy business while balancing your life.  Curious about what it’s like to attend Team Manager Academy in Austria? A Team Member shares her firsthand experiences attending this elite training weekend. Check out how Italy’s Team Members rose to the top of the leaderboards in February.

Missed an issue? No problem! Scroll to the bottom of the eMag home page and click on the drop-down menu in the middle of the screen.

Congratulations on a successful first quarter and happy reading!


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