Earn more with the 2x2 Builder Bonus

We are passionate about empowering Team Members to set and achieve their business goals. 

Through the 2x2 Builder Bonus we’ve made it easy to earn bonuses for simply becoming a sponsor and establishing your downline! We are eager to reward you for your networking efforts. Put an extra few hundred euro in your bank account next month!

 “The 2x2 Builder Bonus promotes proper business building and duplication, and to foster the sponsorship of new Team Members,” said Synergy President Dan Norman. “It is targeted toward anyone looking to earn a little extra by simply becoming a sponsor and building a business—anyone can benefit from it.”

Congratulations to the dozens of Team Members throughout Europe who have earned this bonus since the 2x2 Bonus was extended January 1, 2015. Here are our top 2x2 Bonus earners so far this year!

Top Team Members

1. Jens Tamlagsroenning (Norway)
2. Joanna Piaskowska (Poland)
3. Maria Klintenheim (Sweden)
4. Maurizio Biasci (Italy)
5. Minna Rimpiläinen (Finland)

Top Countries

1. Italy
2. Poland
3. Finland
4. Norway
5. United Kingdom

 2x2 Bonus earner Tomasz Piaskowski of Poland said:

“The 2x2 Builder Bonus plays a very important role in my business. The bonus adds a considerable amount of money to my monthly commissions and can make a big difference for somebody who is just starting their business. This bonus can be combined with other Synergy bonuses, which can put a significant amount of money in your pocket within a short period of time. Plus, earning it doesn’t take any specific training or qualifications, just the willingness to share Synergy’s benefits with others.”

Decide today to take advantage of Synergy’s 2x2 Bonus! This opportunity will end December 31, 2015.


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