Uniting Synergy & Fitness to Help Others

As a teenager in Norway, Synergy Team Member Elin Holmen was a junior champion in cross country skiing, a sport that requires endurance and total body strength. Elin’s highly active lifestyle in Brumunddal has not slowed down since her glory days on the slopes. In fact, she may be in better shape now than ever been before as she circulates between weightlifting, running, soccer, golfing, downhill and cross country skiing, and other sports.

As a woman in her 30s, Elin knows it’s important to focus on keeping her overall health at its prime so that it will be easier to maintain her physique and athletic abilities down the road. This is why Elin practices “clean eating”—which means staying away from refined or processed foods of any kind—in addition to her workout schedule.

When Elin’s sponsor Vegard Paulsen introduced her to SLMsmart Meal Replacement she was interested to see if the product’s protein and nutrients would help in her efforts to have energy at the gym and maintain her weight. After a trial run, she did not hesitate to join the Synergy team in November 2014.

With the help of her sponsor in designing a SLMsmart and e9 presentation, Elin began introducing SLMsmart to others and has since activated more than 35 people on SLMsmart packs, meaning she has earned both SLM 10 Club bonuses.

“My goal in all of this is to help other people reach their goals,” Elin said. “I’m using my fitness expertise to help these people make exercise and diet programs. I’m helping them make changes every week and any time they have questions they know they can come to me. The people in my group who are following their program are having good results with the products so far and their results are showing. I’m doing this because I know that with my experience I can really help.”

Elin mostly helps her group through Facebook and sets up one hour personal consultations with those who need more attention to achieve their weight management goals. She will create a realistic workout plan that fits each individual’s lifestyle.

Through Elin’s experiences thus far, she has realized that there are a few steps that have been helpful in her success with sharing SLMsmart and e9:

Learn as much as you possibly can about the products and rely heavily on your sponsor to train you and answer all of your questions.

Build trust with those you associate with and build your credibility by taking care of your health.

Take Synergy products and follow the diet and exercise plan you are instructing others to follow. This will make your group feel safe about using the products.

Offer as much support as possible. Those looking to achieve a weight management goal need a cheerleader who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Become living proof that the products work.

“If you are selling to sell and the product doesn’t really work, that’s not OK with me,” Elin said. “That’s why it was so important for me to try SLMsmart and e9 first. I saw how well it worked for me in training so I knew I could help people who were trying to increase their fitness as well as manage their weight. I use the products the same way that I instruct others to use them.”


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