Why Attend Summit 2015?

Top 10 Reasons You’ll Be in Rome for Summit 2015:

  1. Receive the recognition you deserve for your outstanding achievements in 2014-2015
  2. Listen to updates, news, and training by Synergy’s corporate executive team
  3. Gain insights from Synergy’s Medical Advisory Board on the future of Synergy’s products
  4. Learn unique skills from Europe’s top leaders as they share their secrets to success
  5. Hear stories from selected Team Members whose lives have been changed by Synergy's products and business opportunity
  6. Exchange ideas and strategies with Team Members from 15 European countries
  7. Sit back and enjoy entertainment, giveaways, parties and more
  8. Explore Rome and its many world-renowned historical sites
  9. Experience the power of Synergy when thousands of Team Members join together under one roof
  10. Rededicate yourself to your Synergy business!

Join us September 3-5. Your business will never be the same!


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