Rules of Fearless Contacting by Peppe Lucio, Pearl Executive

People from all over Europe always ask me for my network marketing success secrets. My answer is simple and is always the same: duplication. How do we duplicate? Engage others daily, speak passionately, and never stop doing either of these things.

Learning how to contact and speak to people is the hardest part of this business. Once you figure out how to connect with others, everything else comes easily.

Don’t be afraid
Sharing Synergy’s opportunities with others is our main objective. If we want to change lives we must learn how to be fearless and open our mouths.

If you truly believe in what you're doing it should be easy to approach someone and say, “Hello, how are you? I want to speak with you about a beautiful project I’m working on with a special company if I can have 15-20 minutes of your time.”

The people you speak to need to feel your energy. We must recruit not just to recruit, but to build something that lasts. We must continue to do this day after day, always learning from what works and what doesn’t.

Be ready to speak up
No matter where you are—at a bar, on the train, at the gym or running errands—you must be prepared to engage someone in a conversation about Synergy. You never know, you could find the business partner you’ve been looking for today. If you don’t engage the people around you, you may miss out on a major opportunity.

I travel constantly and find myself sitting next to new faces on a daily basis. I’ll often talk to the person I sit next to on the train and tell them I’m headed to a meeting to discuss an exciting business opportunity. I give them my card and I ask if I can send a few brochures and product samples to their home and then follow up with them later. Growth in your business begins with the word, “Hello.”

Have meaningful conversations
Many of my colleagues make the mistake of beginning conversations by talking about the products. The person you have approached with your product proposition will almost always say they aren’t interested or they’re using another line of products. This is where conversations come to a dead end.

Instead, begin your conversation by explaining that a company called Synergy WorldWide has the power to change their life. Introducing the product comes later. Tell your contact that you are working on a project that can improve their life. This is a real opportunity, not just another company trying to take a handful of money from you. When you prove to them that you are in the business of helping them achieve greatness, you’ll find that they start listening more intently.

You should then ask what they want to get out of the opportunity. We need to specialize in putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. If we make a good connection with our contacts, awakening their hearts, their minds and their passions, they will join us. If we can help them pinpoint the areas of their lives that could be improved with Synergy’s opportunity, they will begin to understand Synergy WorldWide’s greater purpose—leaving a legacy.

Perhaps the most impactful thing you can share with a prospective distributor is your own success story, including what you did before joining Synergy WorldWide and what improvements have been made since then. Practice telling your story in 1-2 minutes. They’ll be more inclined to learn more if there is proof that this opportunity worked for you. Above all else, we are changing lives through financial freedom. The product is the engine that allows us to obtain financial freedom. Before selling a product, we sell a way of life with unlimited possibilities.

Never stop searching
Imagine that you’re walking down a crowded sidewalk on a busy street with your son trailing close behind. You look back and cannot find him. Do you continue walking? Of course not. You immediately begin to search for him. You do everything in your power to find him. We must work with this same determination in our Synergy businesses.

We often wander blindly in our own lives, simply trying to get through the days. Most people are letting their lives pass them by. Many people have dreams, but attaining those dreams is out of the question because they don’t have the means or resources to go after them. I make sure to tell new contacts that in order to get the things they want in life they must change themselves. I want people to dream again. We are living in a world where we do not dream and we want people to know that we have the tools to help them dream again.


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