Elite Honors Spotlights

With the Elite Honors program in full swing, Team Members have been building stronger businesses through defined monthly goals.

 In September, 330 Team Members in Europe became Elite Honors Qualified. That means at least 330 new distributors were enrolled and more than 1,000 customers latched onto Synergy products. Team Members who are becoming Elite Honors Qualified have found that the Elite Honors earnings model is exactly what their businesses were missing.

Congratulations to the many who are finding success through Elite Honors thus far!

Here are a few insights from our newest Elite Honors Qualifiers regarding their success with Elite Honors:

Halldor Kolbeins, Iceland
"I love the motivation that the Elite Honors program has given my team. I love explaining this system to new Team Members and showing them how this can help them build a successful long term business in the long term. It’s also great to have the financial bonuses in the short-run as rewards for building our business and for working together as a team to guarantee we are all successful. My team loves the Elite Honors system!"

Harm-Aike Hollmann, Germany
"Elite Honors is a critical business building tool that simplifies the process of establishing a strong business foundation and promoting long-term success. It also provides incentive for new members to quickly build their business as well as veteran Team Members to continue adding to their customer base. By having customers experience positive results with products matched to their needs, we are creating strong relationships and strengthening trust between the customer and the Team Member."

Tina Fleming, Ireland
"Through Elite Honors, Synergy is rewarding us for being more customer-based, which allows our customers to take back control for their own health and wellness while having the support of a team member/sponsor who will advise them on their journey. As a holistic health professional for over 20 years, this no-pressure approach made sense to me. We are truly taking care of people in a holistic manner by focusing on what is best for them instead of focusing only on ourselves and our need to grow our business.  The Elite Honors system provides a concrete goal and motivates me to become even more successful. I personally want to make a difference, one customer at a time, so that I can truly leave a legacy."

Click here to find out what it takes to become Elite Honors Qualified.


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