Million Dollar Club Member Visits Iceland

Iceland just completed a training time with Stefán Patrik Kristofferson who took personal time with Team Members and gave a major training session at the beautiful Kríunes Hotel.

Recognising that the needs of individual Team Members are different, Stefán took two days to personally meet with Team Members to teach, train, inspire and direct each one.

On Saturday, the three Icelandic teams all got together for an inspiration-filled meeting, packed with training testimonies and positive input. Stefán Patrik addressed issues that arise when TM’s don’t follow the best practices and therefore, don’t get the results they had hoped for, leading to negative attitudes. Hitting negative attitudes in a positive way is a very effective means of reigniting the fires of conviction and focussing attention on the work and our own goals.

Stefán also highlighted the benefits of the new Elite Honors Program, showing what a great benefit it will be to all Team Members to grow their business with a solid foundation, giving everyone the vision for the potential that is available to anyone willing to put in the effort and the rewards that can be expected along the way. Now, even the Million Dollar Club doesn’t seem out of reach to anyone. The importance of a professional mindset to the business was balanced with the need for simplicity for the sake of easy duplication, showing that both had their place.

What some had lacked was a clear step-by-step plan to reach their goals - if they had even dared to dream of goals that they would really like to reach and Stefán addressed this in a powerful, positive way so that everyone in the room was left in no doubt that they could reach those goals. Every Team Member now had a very clear plan to follow and rewards to look forward to as they reach each goal along the way.

Product training is very important and the meeting heard details of not just why but also how to use the products properly to get the best results, correcting misconceptions that had slipped in.

Adding to the training, different Team Members shared powerful testimonies. The latest news on the translations showed that all the key material is now in Icelandic and that, as Iceland’s business grows, it will be possible to translate the important English blog posts, too

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