Synergy Europe Web Shop Closing December 30

It’s your last chance to purchase exclusive Synergy apparel and merchandise on Synergy Europe’s web shop! The shop will officially close Friday, December 30, 2016, which means the last day you can make any orders is Thursday, December 29.

This is your opportunity to stock up on Synergy gear and sales tools or start getting your holiday shopping done.

What can I find on the Synergy Europe web shop?
  1. Men’s and women’s Synergy apparel, including hats, polos, T-shirts, and jackets
  2. Custom business cards
  3. Product banners for meetings and events
  4. Synergy-branded water bottles, iPhone cases, flash drives, and more!

The items currently available in the web shop will not be available again, so don’t miss out. Grab what you can before it’s gone.


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